All our design and construction is based on obtaining the highest quality and durability of all our equipment



We put a lot of effort into good service both by having all wearing parts in stock at any given time and by having all services personally by working in consultation with customers



We attach great importance to all products that leave us meeting both our and the customer's requirements

Beitir ehf

Beitir is a family business and has been operating since 1988. We specialize in stainless steel construction and have a lot of knowledge in that field. Our main projects have been related to the fishing industry, mainly line and tire equipment for boats and various equipment for fish processing, e.g. conveyors and operation and input carts. Many of our projects are custom construction and we help customers find solutions in design and implementation. 
Mikið af okkar verkefnum eru sérsmíði og aðstoðum við viðskiptavini við finna lausnir í hönnun og útfærslu. 

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