Beitir Longline Haulers are manufactured with a high load capacity in mind, as the tailer and breaker are integrated. The line is pulled in on a large reel through the cutter, where the fish is automatically released and the line continues through a brush system that cleans off all bait residue from the line.

The latest version of the brush system consists of two rotary brushes driven by brushless motors and with speed control, they are designed to remove even the toughest bait residues. This technology was developed based on customer demand and has been very well received. But it is easy to open between the brushes and clean if needed.

  • Made with stainless steel
  • Line disc diameter: 400 mm
  • Size:
    • Length: 186 cm
    • Width: 56 cm
    • Weight: 190 kg
  • Motor:
    • Maximum flow: 75 L/min
    • Maximum pressure: 300 bar
    • Maximum pressure drop: 210 bar
    • Maximum torque: 800 Nm
  • 2x rotating brushes, driven by hydraulic motors
  • All wear surfaces are in stock, e.g. line disc, brushes and breaker and anti-roller

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